The Club

The Myers Lodge Society for the Advancement of Human Rationalism

The Society, more commonly referred to as simply “the Club” by its members, is based in a 4-storey townhouse in Pimlico. It is an old-fashioned, slightly shabby building furnished and decorated in the style of the 1880s.

The Society, unusually for its time, has never discriminated based on members’ gender, race, age or physical or mental capacity. Anyone who can pay the Club’s fees promptly is accepted without question.

As a result, the Society is comprised of a motley bunch of people from all walks of life with varying agenda who may or may not have anything to do with the avowed purpose of the Club.

The Club does have a Charter, but it is not enforced so long as a member pays lip service to it.

Amenities of the Club include one of the largest occult libraries in the country (heavy with forbidden knowledge), a stockpile of occult artefacts (which may or may not be efficacious), one of the best collections of strong spirits in London and one of the finest chefs to be found anywhere. Members make greater or fewer demands on these as their interests and natures require. The Club also has a physician on call.

The names of two of the Founders have been determined as:

  • Robert Stoker
  • C J Loosifur.

The Club

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