Dona Rosemarie Soldano

A short, bright-eyed Castillian lady with twin dimples and a cheeky smile. She wears her black hair in a long single braid falling to the back of her knees.


Brawn 2
Finesse 4
Wits 3
Resolve 2
Panache 3

Stubborn / Comforting
Romance 2
Reputation 12

Appearance: Striking Looks
Castillian Accent: Soldano
Castillian Education
Indomitable Will

Double Parry (Fencing/Fencing) 1
Tagging (Fencing) 1
Whirl (Fencing/Fencing) 3
Exploit Weakness (Soldano) 1

Whirl: For each Rank you have in this Knack, you may add 2 to your Attack Roll when attacking Brutes.

Apprentice: Your off-hand penalty is negated when using a Fencing Weapon in each hand. In addition, at the start of each Battle, you receive a number of Drama dice equal to your Mastery Level. These Drama dice, if unspent at the end of the Battle, go away.

Athlete Fencing Rider
Climbing 2 Attack(Fencing) 3 Ride 1
Footwork 2 Parry(Fencing) 3
Sprinting 1
Throwing 1
Courtier Doctor Performer Sailor Scholar Streetwise
Dancing 2 Diagnosis 1 Acting 1 Balance 2 History 1 Socializing 1
Etiquette 1 First Aid 1 Dancing 2 Climbing 2 Mathematics 1 Street Navigation 1
Fashion 1 Dentist 1 Oratory 2 Knotwork 1 Philosophy 1
Oratory 2 Surgery 3 Singing 1 Rigging 1 Research 1
Seduction 3 Law 1
Sincerity 1 Natural Philosophy 1

Born in one of the Soldano family’s town houses in Altamira. Rosemarie grew up surrounded by the colour and lively bustle of a major metropolitan centre.

Dona Rosemarie Soldano

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